A new look at two units from Battlefront II, plus a VR Star Wars experience planned by Disney

EA showed off Battlefront II’s Specialist class for the Rebels and the Resistance

In a tweet yesterday, EA Star Wars revealed what the Rebel and Resistance Specialist class units will look like in Battlefront II. The Rebel trooper is at the top of the page, while the Resistance variant is below.

Here are the links to the full-sized versions of the renderings:

At first glance, I would have assumed that the brown-clad character fought for the Rebels and that the gray-unformed trooper would be for the Resistance. However, that is not the case. Battlefront II’s associate design director Dennis Brannvall confirmed this on Twitter:

EA Star Wars also made a tweet earlier today sharing renderings of the Separatist and Republic Officer units. Neither of these units are exactly “new”, but here’s the renderings nonetheless:

If you are wanting further breakdowns Battlefront II’s classes, the official website has a page dedicated to each one:

In the EA PLAY build of the game, the Heavy class was a tad overpowered, especially with the Z-6 rotary blaster cannon Star Card. However, I assume that the classes will hopefully be balanced once the game arrives on November 17.

Disney’s Star Wars VR experience planned for theme parks this December

Titled “Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire” Lucasfilm’s immersive enterainment division, ILMxLAB, is creating a “hyper-reality” experience set to debut at two new VOID Experience Centers at Downtown Disney at Disneyland Resort in California and Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Announced earlier this week via a blog post on StarWars.com, the experience is planned to open to the public this holiday season (i.e. November or December).

According to THE VOID’s co-founder, Curtis Hickman, “Secrets of the Empire” will allow fans to not only see Star Wars in virtual reality, but also “hear, feel, touch, and even smell” (hence, the “hyper-reality” marketing-speak). Not much else is known about this experience, although Lucasfilm did share this awesome key art:

For those unaware, THE VOID is a company that builds virtual reality experience centers. Currently, there are four VOID centers in Dubai, New York City, Toronto and Lindon, Utah that showcase a Ghostbusters “hyper-reality” experience.

Finally, I just wanted to share this fan concept of a B2 Rocket Droid by Rollokster (who has an awesome YouTube page!). Again, this is just a fan concept, but I could see it being similar to the real deal, as the Rocket Super Battle Droid was announced for Battlefront II earlier this week:

(Image found via Reddit)


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