New Battlefront II images, Inferno Squad novel releases, plus an Xbox interview

New promo images show off Inferno Squad ships

EA Star Wars social media posted a couple of new images on Sunday and Monday focused on Inferno Squad’s ships.

The first image is of the Imperial Raider Corvus, which is a corvette-type ship that carries the Inferno Squad into battle:

The other image (shown at the top of the page), also includes the Corvus, as well as a look at an Inferno Squad TIE Fighter. This apparently is above the planet Fondor and its Imperial shipyard (a location featured in a campaign mission).

As pointed out by YouTube channel Rollokster’s video breakdown of the Behind the Story teaser, the Inferno Squad TIE Fighter has three stripes on the bar to the pilot’s right (note, I believe the image below is a mock-up, and not something official):

As a side note, I definitely recommend checking out Rollokster’s videos. They’ve done an excellent job with trailer breakdowns so far and spot so many minute details!

Battlefront II: Inferno Squad novel released

Battlefront II’s tie-in novel, Inferno Squad, released on Monday. You can pick it up over on Amazon, either as a hardcover or an audible book narrated by Janina Gavankar, who voices Inferno Squad commander Iden Versio in the upcoming game.

The novel itself is set right after the Rebels destroyed the first Death Star (the game’s campaign will take place after the destruction of the second Death Star). It also details the Inferno Squad’s origins and helps provide a bit of backstory to Iden’s character.

If you don’t have time to read the whole novel, Elliot from BattlefrontUpdates did a story recap video (WARNING: Obvious spoilers):

Xbox posted an exclusive Battlefront II interview

Larry Hryb, who’s also known as Major Nelson and is the director of programming for Xbox, got a chance to interview Gavankar and Lucasfilm’s Steve Blank at D23 earlier this month. As with most of these interviews, there isn’t really any thing new in terms of news. Still, it’s an interesting interview and provides another look at some of those working on the game. Check it out below:

Modder loads speeder bikes on Outpost Beta

As shared by the YouTube channel Battlefront Mods, there is now a mod that can spawn speeder bikes on Hoth’s Outpost Beta map in the 2015 Battlefront. Check out the video below:

Besides that mod, Cinematic Captures shared their top five Mandalorian armor mods for Battlefront. They’re all pretty awesome, but I think I dig the Imperial Agent and Gar Saxon ones the most! The video is embedded below:


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