Wire-frame versions of Battlefront II weapons shown off; Rey ability teased

First Order stormtroopers from Battlefront II.

We’ve known about four weapons that’ll be in EA’s Battlefront II since the official reveal last Saturday.

Now, however—thanks to the UK gaming store Game—we have a better of how those weapons might look in-game. You can check out the full promotional image on the website. However, I’ve shown off the important bits below.

The wire-frame versions of the weapons are (from top to bottom): the Blurrg-1120, the FWMB-10, the CR-2 and the A280-CFE:

Battlefront II pre-order weapons.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, Rebels TV show character Here Syndulla is known for using the Blurrg-1120. The FWMB-10 is used by First Order stormtroopers while Naboo security forces utilized the CR-2 in The Phantom Menace. Finally, the A280-CFE is used by Cassian Andor in Rogue One and is modified version of the A280.

While these aren’t really in-game rendered versions of the weapons, it’s still pretty cool. Perhaps it also gives an idea for what the game’s UI might look like.

Example Battlefront II classes.

The rest of the image just shows off the previously-released example classes (shown above) and teases the other pre-order bonuses.

Interestingly, we also may have recently received a new clue from the official EA Star Wars account regarding one of Rey’s abilities. Previously, we knew that Rey has two abilities that can be unlocked via the Deluxe Edition. Pre-order pages mention a mind control ability, but remained silent on what the other ability might be.

This tweet below indicates that she’ll be able to “scramble enemy powers”, although it isn’t clear what exactly that might do:

Personally, I think that the scramble ability is separate from the mind control ability, but I suppose we’ll find out for sure in the future.

It’s also worth noting that the abilities mentioned in pre-order pages will still be unlockable in-game without purchasing the Deluxe Edition. Per one of the game’s weapon designs Christian Johannesen:

While that isn’t too surprising that the abilities can be unlocked by other methods, it’s still reassuring to hear! Hopefully they don’t lead to a pay-to-win complaints and are overpowered (similar to the DL-44 from the first game).

Which of the four weapons are you most excited about? Let us know in the comment section below, or ping SWGO on Facebook or Twitter.

(H/T @LH_PLAYS on Twitter)


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