This breakdown of the full Battlefront II trailer is very thorough

Yoda and Darth Maul in the Battlefront II trailer.

The full 2-minute, 19-second reveal trailer for EA’s Battlefront II includes numerous hints and clues for the upcoming game.

YouTuber Rollokster recently did a no-frills breakdown of the trailer and it is very, very thorough. From catching First Order snowspeeder references to Rebel ground crew uniforms to three AT-AT Walkers at once on Hoth, no background clue seemingly goes unmentioned.

Rollokster also has an excellent theory for why that Mon Calamari cruiser is stationed by the second Death Star without a battle going on. They surmise that the cruiser is part of the Emperor’s plan—Palpatine may have captured the ship and sent it back to the Rebellion to set the trap. An interesting idea! Hopefully we’ll find out when we play through the campaign.

The end of the video also breaks down some references that can be spotted in the game’s key art.

Personally, my favorite hidden reference in the trailer is the eopie on Tatooine. Perhaps—like how tauntauns are rideable on Hoth—eopies will act as mountable units on Tatooine.

You can watch the breakdown embedded below. If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s well worth it!

I’ve actually shared Rollokster’s videos before. They did an excellent comparison of the Rebel base in Battlefront with the one in The Empire Strikes Back.

What was your favorite bit in the Battlefront II reveal trailer? Let us know in the comments below, or ping SWGO on Facebook or Twitter.


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