Footage of the exogorth, dianoga captured in Battlefront’s Death Star DLC!

Space slug in Star Wars.

Battlefront has a couple of space parasites.

I mentioned earlier today that the space slug known as the exogorth was found in the game files.

Well, thanks to a redditor, we now have actual footage of the creature:

u/I_Am_Rockstar noted that the slug can be found near the Rebel spawn point during the first phase of Battle Station. I haven’t given it a go, but I’m definitely curious to find it in-game. Cinematic Tools on PC might also provide an easier look at the beast (although I believe the tools have been having issues since today’s patch).

This comes after u/JakeGreen163 wrote earlier today on Reddit that he dug up the exogorth in game files. As an aside, u/JakeGreen163 also later added that he further found unfinished code meant to allow the Y-Wings, B-Wings, TIE Bomber and TIE Defender to be player-pilotable.

An exogorth appeared in Empire Strikes Back as the Millennium Falcon camped out in its belly while Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca and C-3PO hid from the Empire. Wookiepedia notes that the species lives off of “stellar energy emissions, mineral-rich deposits from the asteroid, floating space debris, and other silicon-based creatures, such as mynocks” after burrowing inside of asteroids.

YouTuber RivaThames also found the dianoga in the trash compactor inside the Death Star:

The dianoga appeared in A New Hope, dragging Luke Skywalker under the water in the bowels of the Death Star. The SoroSuub Refinery map of Battlefront’s Outer Rim expansion features a full dianoga.

These are definitely cool easter eggs! As Narwhal Dave has shown in his numerous videos, DICE has done an excellent job sneaking in background wildlife. I’ll be curious to find out what else DICE has stowed away.


Ever since he saw A New Hope at four-years-old, Jared (aka leftweet) has been in love with Star Wars. Besides his passion for Star Wars and video games, Jared's hobbies include watching football, soccer and basketball, plus competing in fencing.

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