Original Battlefront II sees modding advancements, plus tidbits on the upcoming Battlefront II

Original Battlefront II mod adds a new map

Battlefront III Legacy, a mod for the original Battlefront II inspired by the cancelled Battlefront III game, recently entered its third open beta. This new update includes a spiffy Bespin map and a brand new Hero Assault mode. According to the mod’s creators, this is “hopefully” the final beta before the mod’s full release.

The mod can be downloaded via Moddb.com. Of course, as it’s in beta, there may be bugs or other stability issues with the mod.

You can watch the beta’s trailer below:

Battlefront II’s pre-alpha is running at 1080p at 60 FPS on the PS4 Pro

According to Eurogamer’s game tech analysis arm Digital Foundry, the pre-alpha version of Battlefront II at Gamescom was running at a full 1080p resolution at a mostly steady 60 frames-per-second on the PlayStation 4 Pro. The game is also utilizes EA’s Frostbite engine very effectively when it comes to graphical fidelity.

This is definitely good news and I’ll certainly be wondering how well the game will run on Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One X console, which releases the week before Battlefront II. The game has been confirmed as an “enhanced game” for the X, so I’m guessing it’ll look snazzy and run pretty smoothly on the console.

Watch Digital Foundry’s full breakdown below:

EA Star Wars dropped high-quality renderings of Battlefront II starfighters

The official EA Star Wars Twitter account shared some high-quality versions of the starfighters shown off at last week’s Gamescom event. Check them out below:

(Top image source.)


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