EA pegs Battlefront II to sell 14 million copies, plus some modding highlights

A shock trooper on Bespin by Cinematic Captures.

EA expects Battlefront II to hit 14 million unit sales

At an earnings call earlier this week, EA CFO Andrew Wilson confirmed that the company expects Battlefront II to reach 14 million unit sales.

Per DualShockers, Wilson said they’re “very, very happy” with the progress on the game and that¬†“the single player campaign is resonating really well with the community, as well as the depth and breadth expansion of the multiplayer.”

Some recent modding highlights for Battlefront 2015

To start, the modder who goes by Reece Taylor on YouTube managed to actually spawn into a DLC map offline via the Skirmish mode. The physics seem a bit wonky, but it’s an amazing achievement nonetheless!

This mod is actually a few days old, but TieZed has created a Bespin skin for Luke. Check out video of the mod in action below:

Top image by Cinematic Captures. Check out their Flickr page for more Battlefront screenshots.


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