Let’s dig into some of the coolest bits from the Battlefront II gameplay trailer

Today’s two-minute Battlefront II gameplay trailer was packed with exciting moments and tantalizing clues.

As always with these trailers, I’ve gone through and dissected basically every frame. I’ve shared my biggest findings below.

If you need a refresher or simply want to watch it for the thousandth time (because, why not??), let’s start with embedding the trailer itself:

The trailer opens with a shot of First Order stormtroopers apparently preparing for an assault mission. It’s rather reminiscent of The Force Awakens opening, when the First Order assaulted the village on Jakku. As matches in Battlefront II have opening cinematics, I could see this being the start of a multiplayer match:

It then seamlessly cuts to a group of Imperial stormtroopers as Darth Vader provides a scant, but menacing, cameo. This is the first time the Dark Lord of the Sith has been officially confirmed for Battlefront II:

Following this comes one of my favorite shots of the trailer: Phase I clone troopers on a rainy Kamino. Besides confirming Phase I clone troopers, you can also spot LAAT gunships in the background, as well as Venator-class Star Destroyers. Fingers crossed that those gunships are pilotable, but I’m not holding my breath:

Clone troopers on Kamino

I have to say I really love how the opening sequence of the trailer goes backwards in times with the troopers. It really drives home that all eras will be represented in Battlefront II.

Then comes a wide shot of Theed, similar to the rendering that was released earlier in the week. Bonus points if you can spot the Nubian royal starship in the lower right corner:

Our first gameplay from a player’s perspective is a droid with their standard E-5 blaster:

That’s followed up with a clone and his DC-15A. Note the heavy trooper with his Z-6 rotary blaster:

And then our first look at the B2 Super Battle Droids, a Separatist special character:

A clone flanked by two AT-RTs can then be seen firing a Scatter Gun, which looks to be making its return from EA’s first Battlefront:

Next is a Clone Specialist weilding what I believe is a Valken-38X (a version of Dengar’s sniper rifle):

After this is comes the cockpit view of the N-1 Starfighter:

We then get to a humerus part of the trailer, as a Clone Specialist realizes this sector is not clear:

Because Darth Maul is leading a group of battle droids!

After a few more first-person views, we get the perspective from inside the Multi-Troop Transport:

And then a look at the new personal shield, which now only protects the front of the soldier (but allows the wearer to shoot out of):

As we saw a special character from the Separatists earlier, we now see a Republic’s special character, the Clone Jump Troopers, in action:

We then move on from Theed and get our first glimpse of Kashyyyk. Interestingly, we get to see a wookiee. My guess is that they’ll be another special character:

Moving eras, we see a First Order snowtrooper having fun in a snowspeeder:

Next comes Yavin IV. First, this animal needs to be pointed out. My best guess is that it’s a runyip (based on the markings and horns), a foraging creature. The big question is: will these creatures affect gameplay in any way?

The camera then pans to a squad of Death Troopers. Like the wookiee earlier, I’m guessing Death Troopers will be special characters:

After this, we arrive in Mos Eisley and see Boba Fett mow down some Rebel scum. Luke Skywalker can be spotted in the background. I’m guessing the Rebel on the left is the Assault class (they’re wearing the same default Tatooine uniform from EA’s first Battlefront) while the right trooper might be the Rebel heavy class:

Next comes our first real look at Yoda in action as the small green Jedi Master leaps at Darth Maul:

The trailer then cuts to a duel between Rey and Kylo Ren. I believe this is taking place on Takodana in the cantina in Maz’s Castle:

We then see some space action as T-70 X-wings take on some First Order TIE Fighters. There’s even a few shots of the Millennium Falcon and its rectangular dish from The Force Awakens:

After the title card comes a few shots from what is likely the campaign. These were covered in more depth earlier. However, note that the Imperial giving orders to Iden Versio is her father. Also, the red guy is an Imperial Sentinel, a droid programmed to carry out the Emperor’s orders after his death aboard the second Death Star:

An Imperial space station.

One of the Emperor's Sentinels.

A Rebel cruiser attacking Imperials.

That’s all for now! I intend to go into more depth in the next coming days once I get home from EA PLAY.

Battlefront II launches November 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Follow SWGO on Facebook or Twitter to stay up-to-date.


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