Here’s a few fan-made takes on the Inferno Squad logo from Battlefront II

The wait for EA’s Battlefront II may be long, but a few fans have figured out ways to pass the time.

Specifically, these fans have created odes to Inferno Squad, a ruthless arm of the Imperials created by the Emperor after the Rebellion destroyed the first Death Star. Thanks to EA’s Battlefront II, we’ll get to learn more about this elite groups of soldiers in the game’s campaign. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until November to take control of Iden Versio, the campaign’s protagonist and leader of Inferno Squad. However, hopefully the few favorites I’ve shared below might make that wait a little more bearable.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of Inferno Squad, EA Star Wars recently made a new blog post on the Imperial special ops unit. There’s nothing really new in the post, so I figured it wasn’t worth making a whole article on it. Still, I just wanted to share that it exists. (For those who want to read too much into EA Star Wars’ post, it does mention that Iden will face “heroes” and “sinister agents”—both in plural form; this possibly indicates we’ll be seeing more legendary characters during the campaign than just aforementioned Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren).

To start with the fan creations, here’s this matchstick chain reaction of the logo. Considering that fire is literally referenced in the name of Inferno Squad, a matchstick art piece seems like the perfect fit for the unit’s logo:

That video above was noteworthy enough that the official EA Star Wars social media accounts shared it earlier in the week.

Next up is this cool animation that blends the helmets worn by Inferno Squad with the unit’s logo. Originally shared by Redditor Nagarakta, this animation is crisp and uses negative space excellently:

I especially enjoy how it takes cues from the holographic design shared through Battlefront II’s marketing material so far. I also like how the logo itself appears to be smoking.

Finally, I want to give a shout-out to InfernoSquadBuilder on Twitter. This user is constructing a build of Inferno Squad armor. They’ve already got bits for their E-11 blaster, leather gloves and boots and even ammo pouches. However, I think this chest piece with the pair of Inferno Squad logos takes the cake for the time being:

I’ve been following InfernoSquadoBuilder for a few weeks now and have been impressed with their progress so far! I’ll be very curious to see how the final outfit looks when it’s all said and done.

Do you know of any other cool Inferno Squad creations? Be sure to send them my way! I always have fun seeing what those throughout the Star Wars community have been making.

Battlefront II arrives November 17 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. To stay up-to-date on the game, follow SWGO on Facebook or Twitter.

If you can’t wait for Battlefront II to get your Inferno Squad fix, the novel by Christie Golden “Battlefront II: Inferno Squad” arrives July 25. Pre-orders are available through Amazon.


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