The Last Jedi trailer as an 8-bit video game? Yes please!

8-bit version of The Last Jedi trailer.

The Last Jedi certainly seems like it would make an excellent 8-bit video game.

Thanks to a recent video by the YouTube channel JoBlo Videos, we can now visualize The Last Jedi just like that. From each shot in the trailer to its sound track, the teaser from The Last Jedi has been faithfully recreated in the art style of an 8-bit video game.

I always enjoy 8-bit versions of Star Wars. Battlefront really looks amazing in EA’s Frostbite Engine, but I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing some sort of new Star Wars game designed with more of a retro art style in mind. The Star Wars aesthetic simply meshes so nicely with the style of older video games.

Check out the rendition by JoBlo Videos below:

Can’t get enough Star Wars set in a retro art style? There’s at least several attempts at Rogue One, and then this one for The Force Awakens.

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Ever since he saw A New Hope at four-years-old, Jared (aka leftweet) has been in love with Star Wars. Besides his passion for Star Wars and video games, Jared's hobbies include watching football, soccer and basketball, plus competing in fencing.

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