Catching up with Force Arena news and Pandemic’s Battlefront II mods

Hera and Chopper on Rebels.

This past week or so I’ve been busy covering all the new bits about EA’s Battlefront II. However, the world continues to go on in the other Star Wars games.

Unfortunately, I’ve found it difficult to stay up-to-date this week with Battlefront II news and all the other games. We’ve had a lot of Battlefront II news to go over and it’s simply been very busy. As such, I’ve figured I’d just do a basic recap of some of the bigger news tidbits for those non-EA Battlefront II games.

Hopefully, next week I’ll be caught up and will be able to cover all Star Wars games as I normally do!

Force Arena

The mobile game Force Arena received four new units from the Rebels TV show: Hera Syndulla, Chopper, the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother.

Hera and the Seventh Sister are Leader types, while Chopper and the Fifth Brother are their Squad types.

Besides that, Kessel was added as a map and the 2 vs. 2 map has been re-balanced with the final turret placement.

Pandemic’s Battlefront II mods

Battlefront II mod Battlefront III: Legacy release gameplay of their Bespin map. It looks very spiffy so far. I especially enjoy the Rebel Pilot outfit and the Wookiee Warrior. Check out my previous coverage of Battlefront III: Legacy here.

The mod’s creator, El Fabrico, noted in the YouTube video description that the Rebel side is roughly 90-percent done. At this point, they are polishing all three maps that have been shown off (the other two being Cato Neimoidia and Coruscant).

You can watch the Bespin gameplay video below:

Additionally, the Rezzed Battlefront II project recently released a video on their Mygeeto map. This project has previously covered the Death Star map and I was very impressed with that. I’ll be curious to see how Mygeeto ends up once it is finished!

You can watch that video below:

Again, I’m hoping everything will begin to smooth out next week. It’s an exciting time to be a Star Wars gaming fan!


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