EA’s Battlefront II may allow for multiple heroes at once & customization freedom will remain

Luke Skywalker in the Battlefront II trailer.

A recent article hints that EA’s Battlefront II will allow for multiple heroes at once on the battlefield.

This comes by way of PC Gamer, which recently interviewed the game’s creative director, Bernd Diemer.

Diemer told the publication that DICE’s goal is to make heroes “not restricted to the lucky few” or best players in the match. He added:

[They tended in Battlefront 1] to drift towards players with the most kills or lucky players, because that’s how it goes in these games. We said, no, we want something that makes it more likely that more players will experience that. So, cool idea. What happened then is, we had more heroes in the match at the same time, and that meant the troopers were kind of becoming the fodder. As a single trooper, it’s very difficult to stand up against a hero—much less two.

To counter multiple heroes on the playing field, DICE reintroduced classes to the Battlefront franchise. Per Diemer:

We thought, how can we give you more tools so you’re able to hold your own against a hero, at least for a certain time? And the best answer we could come up with was team play. How can you make team play more attractive? And the obvious answer is by classes, because it’s so natural that if you’re playing classes, you look for your buddies so you have a good mix of what you together feel comfortable playing.

Diemer went on to echo the below Twitter exchange from the game’s design director Dennis Brannvall by saying you’ll be able to customize your trooper to your liking.

Based on Diemer’s comments it sounds like Battlefront II will let more players utilize multiple heroes in the bigger modes. This would be a new look for EA’s Battlefront series (although there was always that pesky glitch) In turn, DICE will make heroes less of a challenge for infantry because there will be more of them at once.

Personally, I think this is a neat change for Battlefront. A big draw for the game is the fantasy of playing as Luke Skywalker or Kylo Ren. Brannvall noted the recent question-and-answer session that heroes will be rewarded via  “a skilled-based system” in Battlefront II, rather than the token pickups. As such, making heroes more frequent on the playing field will allow for those lower-level players to still live out those battle fantasies. Hopefully DICE can get the balancing right, though!

Battlefront II will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 17. Stay up-to-date on the game’s progress by following SWGO via Twitter or Facebook.

(H/T BattlefrontUpdates)


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