Here are 10 planets we already know about in EA’s Battlefront II

Endor in the Battlefront II trailer.

The last Battlefront launched in 2015 with a mere four environments: Endor, Hoth, Tatooine and Sullust. The Force Awakens planet Jakku was later added in for free shortly after the game’s release.

By the look of things, Battlefront II will top that initial number by quite a lot when it comes out November 17. In the promotional materials that EA has released so far, we’ve gotten a glimpse of at least 10 environments, if not more. Here’s the locations I’ve been able to spot:


Battlefront II Vardos concept art.

Battlefront II Vardos concept art (Source).

The Imperial planet Vardos is the homeworld of Iden Versio, the protagonist of Battlefront II’s campaign and commander of the Inferno Squad. Brand new to the Star Wars saga, this planet has deep ties to the Empire.

“Vardos was actually brought into the Empire by Iden’s father,” said the writer of Inferno Squad’s novel, Christie Golden, during the Battlefront II reveal. “So she has a legacy to live up to.”

The Imperial rule on Vardos is also described as “peaceful” because the planet is willingly under the Empire’s control.

“Normally when you see the Empire on planets in Star Wars so far, there’s a lot of occupation and a lot of force used to get onto those planets,” said Steve Blank, a creative executive at Lucasfilm. “So we wanted to come from a place of, ‘Well, what would it look like if a planet willingly joined the Empire and fully believed in it and was absolutely 100-percent invested in it?’ […] That’s why you see a lot of these more Brutalist-inspired structures and so much flair in those flags.”

Iden Versio and her droid on Vardos (Source).

The planet will also introduce urban combat into EA’s Battlefront franchise. It also apparently won’t be the only location Battlefront II’s campaign introduces to Star Wars lore.

“Vardos will provide a completely new design and gameplay opportunities because you’ll be playing inside a city,” said the game’s content producer Paola Joyaux. “So that’s completely changed the gameplay from the open, sandbox style that you had in the multiplayer. [Vardos] is going to be only one of the new locations that Iden is going to visit.”

Personally, I’m super excited to see this new location. I find Vardos’ Imperial loyalist views very intriguing and it could bring a new and interesting perspective to the Star Wars universe.

Starkiller Base

TIE Fighters leaving Starkiller Base in the Battlefront II trailer.

The planet-destroying base of the First Order will make its way into Battlefront II. We’ve seen several shots of the exterior landing platform as well as a brief glimpse of its rocky interiors.

Considering that this Battlefront is going to include the sequel trilogy, Starkiller Base is an obvious inclusion. Hopefully we’ll also get to roam around the dark forests where Rey, Finn and Kylo Ren had their final confrontation in The Force Awakens. However, that area of the planet isn’t confirmed just yet.


TIE Fighters chasing the Millennium Falcon on Takodana. From the Battlefront II trailer.

The home of Maz’s Castle, Takodana is also unsurprisingly included in Battlefront II. Several aerial combat shots have been shown off of the planet. There’s also a glimpse of ground combat on Takodana in the trailer, as Rey runs through the planet’s forest while a couple of First Order stormtroopers blow up.

I hope that we might see some destructible environments with Maz’s Castle. However, considering Lucasfilm/EA/DICE’s reluctance to incorporate levolution in the first Battlefront, that may not happen this time around.


An Imperial Raider flying during the battle of Jakku in the Battlefront II trailer.

The battle of Jakku can be made out in the reveal trailer. From what the trailer shows, it seems like this planet will be a stop during the game’s campaign. As the battle of Jakku took place after Return of the Jedi, and Iden’s story in Battlefront II starts post-Return of the Jedi, this makes perfect sense.

We did get to experience part of the battle of Jakku in the first game—two maps set on the planet were added several week’s after EA’s first Battlefront launched. I’m hoping we’ll get to see more of the planet when Battlefront II drops later this year.


Inferno Squad locked in combat on Endor. From the Battlefront II trailer.

The forest moon of Endor is seen in the full trailer, as Inferno Squad rescues a group of stormtroopers and scout troopers. We also get to see views of the moon from space, both before and after the destruction of the second Death Star.

The ground views of the moon look very similar to the first Battlefront, both in lighting and assets. Considering DICE really nailed the feeling of Endor in their first game, that isn’t too shocking.


Battlefront II Hoth concept art.

Battlefront II Hoth concept art (Source).

Hoth can be spotted towards the end of the reveal trailer as we get to see Rebels run over and shoot down snowtroopers while riding tauntauns. There’s also been at least one piece of concept art (shown above) released that showcases the planet and the Rebellion’s ion canon.

It’s worth noting that the time of day in the trailer appears slightly different than the daytime/nighttime settings we saw on Hoth in the first Battlefront. I’m definitely glad to see Hoth return. It’s just an iconic location for Star Wars and it’s home to the first real ground conflict we saw in the saga.


A speeder drives through the streets of Mos Eisley. From the Battlefront II trailer.

As of right now, the only revealed Tatooine location is Mos Eisley. Even if that’s all we get of the sandy planet, I’ll be happy. Mos Eisley is such an iconic location for both Star Wars and the Battlefront franchise. It should also give us some extra urban combat beyond what Vardos provides.

That said, I would assume that it’s reasonable to expect maps similar to the rocky layouts Raider Camp and Jawa Refuge bought to the first game.

Yavin IV

Yavin IV from the Battlefront II key art

Yavin IV from the Battlefront II key art (Source).

The fourth moon of Yavin is home to the hidden Rebel base up through A New Hope. Besides being featured in the game’s key art, Yavin IV can also be spotted in a cool rendering featuring an X-wing chasing a TIE Fighter.

It’s especially awesome to see that Yavin IV will again be included in a Battlefront game. Featured in both of Pandemic’s games, Yavin IV is a crucial location in Star Wars lore. I’m particularly keen to live out the Imperial attack on the Rebel base after the destruction of the first Death Star.


Darth Maul in the Battlefront II trailer.

Darth Maul in the Battlefront II trailer.

The power generator room from The Phantom Menace can be seen in the trailer when Darth Maul and Yoda get set to face off. Various pre-order pages across the web also confirm “the grand coridors of Theed City” as a location in Battlefront II. Note that it’s currently unknown if the power generator and the city will be in the same or different maps.

While Naboo isn’t at the top of my list for prequel-era locations (Geonosis anyone?), I’m still happy to see that it’ll be included. I’m hoping we’ll also be able to fly in some of those sleek Naboo N-1 Starfighters, but nothing confirms that hope just yet.


Kamino concept art for Battlefront II.

Kamino concept art for Battlefront II (Source).

Two different concept art pieces have shown Kamino, the homeworld of the Republic’s clone army. The one above (which is also the only image we have from EA showing off clone troopers) and then a second one where Jango Fett’s Slave I is chasing Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Jedi Starfighter.

Considering that Kamino is only shown-off in concept art so far, I wouldn’t mark this planet as 100-percent confirmed. However, it may be the planet that’s at the top of the key art (where you see Separatist and Republic ships engaging in space combat). Additionally, the above concept art is used as promotion on the Xbox store page, which provides a strong indication that we will get Kamino for the game’s final release.

Perhaps, like how I surmised that EA is withholding the clone trooper reveal, EA is holding off on showing us actual in-game images of the Kamino until EA PLAY. That event—which is the next big stop on the road to Battlefront II—will be held June 10 to 12 and is set to include a playable build of Battlefront II.

Other possible locations

Luke Skywalker in the Battlefront II trailer.

There are several other locations that may be featured in the game as well. However, their inclusion isn’t obvious just yet:

  • A tropical, rocky planet. This location was teased in a behind-the-scenes trailer shown to those who attended the Battlefront II panel at Star Wars Celebration. It could be Scarif (also tropical) or an entirely new planet. In the Celebration-only trailer, concept art of a Rebel in a colorful cave was shown. Additionally in the Celebration-only trailer, the name “Pillio Base” was attached to some rendered rocks from this environment. Whether or not that is a working name of a location on this planet or its actual name remains to be seen.
  • Sullust. In the scene with Luke Skywalker from the full trailer, the black rock background seems similar to Sullust. It’s worth noting that there appears to be brown sand on the ground and the rocks look wet—both of which are a tad different from the first Battlefront’s Sullust. I won’t rule out the planet in this scene being the unknown topical location revealed in the Celebration-only trailer.
  • Rogue One scenes of Jedha City and Lah’mu were shown in the Celebration-only trailer. However—as these were clips from the movie—I wouldn’t mark them as for-sure locations in Battlefront II.
  • Death Star or Imperial ship interiors. Concept art of possibly inside of the Death Star was shown off during the Celebration panel. Additionally, we see several interior shots of other Imperial ships—including hangars and bridges—during the full trailer. However, it’s unknown if we’ll actually get to play inside those locations.
  • Scarif/Coruscant/Imperial Dock Yards. In the full trailer, there are several space battles taking place directly above planets. It’s not really clear which planets, though, so I’m just throwing a couple of places out there as speculation.

Which planet are you most excited for in Battlefront II? Let us know in the comment section below, or head on over to Twitter or Facebook.


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