Let’s look at all the blasters connected with Battlefront II so far

Example Battlefront II classes.

Battlefront II promises to add a slew of new content over EA’s original game.

One of those areas of content is the selection of blasters. Between the reveal trailer and pre-order pages, we have a decent look at a few of the blasters that’ll probably show up in Battlefront II.

So far I’ve counted 11 clearly unique blasters throughout Battlefront II’s promotional material. As a comparison, EA’s first Battlefront launched with 11 (of course, one in my count for the upcoming game was a Star Card in the first game, so it’s not a straight comparison).

Note that I’ll begin with blasters confirmed in writing and then move onto more speculation-type stuff. The blasters spotted in the image above or the trailer could potentially have a different name in the game should they wind up being a variant of some kind.

Blurrg-1120 holdout blaster

Hera with her Blurrg pistol.

Source: GameStop Deluxe Edition page.

The Blurrg is available for the Officer class as a Deluxe Edition bonus. In the Deluxe Edition, it comes with an enhanced grip modification. So far in canon the only character to use it is Hera Syndulla in the Rebels TV show.

FWMB-10 “Megablaster”

Source: GameStop Deluxe Edition page.

First seen in The Force Awakens, the Megablaster is the Deluxe Edition bonus for the Heavy Class. It’ll include a barrel vent modification in the Deluxe Edition. This weapon is used by First Order stormtroopers.

CR-2 heavy blaster

Source: GameStop Deluxe Edition page.

The CR-2 heavy blaster is the Assault class’ Deluxe Edition bonus. It will also come with a trigger modification in the Deluxe Edition. Naboo Security Forces used the CR-2 in The Phantom Menace.

A280-CFE blaster

Cassian Andor using the sniper mode of the A280-CFE

Source: GameStop Deluxe Edition page.

The A280-CFE blaster is the Deluxe Edition bonus for the Specialist class. The Deluxe Edition will also include a scope modification for the weapon. In Star Wars lore, Cassian Andor uses the A280-CFE blaster in Rogue One. According to StarWars.com, the A280-CFE is a pistol that “can be augmented with an extended barrel, stock and sight”.

Pulse Cannon

Source: Image render.

A Pulse Cannon is wielded by the Rebel Sniper in the image render of the example classes. It made its way into the first Battlefront as a Star Card. Powerful when in the right hands, it can one-shot enemies in that first game.

F-11D blaster rifle

Source: Image render, reveal trailer.

This is standard issue weapon for First Order stormtroopers and it can be spotted in both the trailer and the image render of the example classes. It definitely appears to be an evolution of the E-11, so I’ll be curious to find out how similar both blasters are.

DC-17 hand blaster

Rex aiming a DC-17 pistol.

Source: Image render.

Worn by a Republic Navy Officer (H/T Sheriffjubjub on Reddit) in the image render of example classes, this weapon isn’t 100-percent clearly made out. However, it would make perfect sense as its worn by higher-ranking troopers in The Clone Wars TV show. Also, the pistol worn by the Navy Officer certainly resembles the DC-17 hand blaster from what I can make out. As an alternative, it could instead be the DC-15s side arm blaster, although that pistol is not currently canon.

E-5 blaster rifle

Battle Droid from Battlefront II.

A B1 battle droid with an E-5 blaster rifle.

Source: Image render.

This is the standard blaster for B1 battle droids. Padme used one during the final act on Geonosis in Attack of the Clones. BX-series droid commandos also wielded the weapon in The Clone Wars TV show. In Legends, Wookiepeda calls the E-5 “a powerful, light, but somewhat inaccurate weapon.”

E-11 blaster rifle

Source: Reveal trailer.

The standard issue rifle of Imperial stormtroopers, you can see it throughout the trailer as well as in promo images featuring the Inferno Squad. In EA’s first Battlefront, it was more or less the Imperial counterpart to the A280C. I’ll be curious to see if Iden Varsio of the Inferno Squad and the protagonist of the campaign has a modified and beefier E11.

A280C blaster rifle

Source: Reveal trailer.

An Imperial scout trooper can be seen using this rifle after 35 seconds in the trailer. This was the default Rebel weapon in EA’s first Battlefront. It had a fairly quick fire-rate and was generally forgiving.

DL-44 heavy blaster pistol

Source: Reveal trailer.

Most famously wielded by Han Solo and, perhaps most infamously, somewhat unbalanced during the early going of EA’s first Battlefront, this pistol can be seen at the 1:44 mark in the trailer as a tauntaun-riding Rebel aims the gun. It’s meant to be a very powerful gun, especially at short range.

Besides those last three weapons from the trailer, I think I saw a Rebel using a RT-97C on Endor in the trailer and the stormtrooper that gets run over by the tauntaun on Hoth may be using a DH-17. However, those shots aren’t clear enough to confirm the weapons as the RT-97C and the DH-17.

Edit: Several of you have pointed out the DLT-19 can be made out in promo materials. Just wanted to update this post with that info.

Have you found any more weapons? Let us know in the comments section below or give SWGO a shout on Twitter or Facebook.


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