10 of the most memorable glitches in Battlefront

One of the hero transformation glitches in Battlefront.

Image taken by Cinematic Captures. Check out their Flickr page for more awesome Battlefront photos!

This is part of a new series where I make a list of items related to Star Wars video games. While it’ll probably primarily focus on Battlefront, every now and then it might venture into other games. I love making lists and ranking things, so I figured this could be a fun endeavor!

Battlefront is a fun game, but it can be far from perfect sometimes. Glitches are also just a part of video games. So, without further ado, here’s a look at some of more prevalent glitches in Battlefront:

10. (Battlefront 2) Han Solo spinning inside Darth Maul

While this isn’t glitch related to the current Battlefront, I came across it while researching for this list. It’s so wacky and weird that I just had to share.

I’m not really sure what caused this particular glitch, but it’s rather similar to EA Battlefront’s hero transformation glitch, which is mentioned below.

9. High-rate-of-fire bowcaster

This is quite a deadly bowcaster. Thankfully it still retains a cooldown, but the high-rate-of-fire could be very dangerous to any oncoming enemies. If this was coupled with a jump pack, I’d definitely be afraid!

While the above glitch is of a pre-Bespin bowcaster, a similar one can still be found via Chewbacca’s weapon.

8. Spawning on the Death Star’s surface

While it’s more fun with heroes, this glitch can also be obtained via normal infantry. The walkable area may be small, but it’s still rather cool (and strange) to see Vader’s imposing presence on the surface of the Death Star.

Based on various reports, this glitch seems to be caused when a player activates a hero token near the end of the second phase of Battle Station.

7. Low-poly character models

Occasionally, low-poly character models will spawn. This usually pertains to heroes, but I’ve seen reports of a (more frustrating) variant where normal infantry is stuck with low-poly textures in the selection menus.

Besides Luke above, I’ve also seen one for Greedo. Theres also a similar glitch that apparently removes textures and causes nightmarish Sullustans.

These low-poly textures are seemingly character models for when they are far away on the screen. In that situation, it saves on graphical resources as a high-resolution model isn’t discernable from a far distance. I’m not really sure what causes it to spawn in close-up, however.

6. Invincibility glitch

Perhaps one of the more infamous glitches on this list that upsets enemies is the invincibility glitch. This glitch arrived alongside the game back at launch in November 2015. It then had some ups and downs as it lingered on in Supremacy matches on Hoth. It finally got patched out in June.

Certainly a frustrating glitch, but considering its prevalence, I thought it deserved a spot on this list.

5. Multi-hero glitch

Another potentially frustrating glitch is one that causes multiple heroes to spawn in Walker Assault and Supremacy. The chaos can be fun, but it offsets the balance of the modes. This balancing issues is especially prevalent because (at least in my experience), the glitch only activates for one team. Such a disproportionate advantage can really change the tide of battle and make things unnecessarily tricky for the opposing side.

This issue began popping up before the Death Star’s release in September. However, Battlefront’s community manager Mat Everett noted that the team is aware of the issue, so hopefully a fix is inbound soon.

4. Dancing heroes glitch

Sometimes heroes just need to dance. From a Super Smash Bros. hammer-like Luke to a suave Lando, this glitch is present in many forms. While perhaps slightly annoying to the player, it’s also enjoyable to watch.

This glitch has certainly found fame. It has often appeared–usually with some poppy dance music–at the start of numerous glitch videos from BattlefrontUpdates.

3. Hero transformations

Ever wanted Aayla Secura in EA’s Battlefront? Well, this glitch can make it happen. Besides that specific example, a wide variety of combinations are possible. This includes a terrifying Chewbacca-Shadow Trooper morph.

From what I can gather, this glitch only impacts the character model. The heroes’ weapons and abilities all remain fully-usable.

2. Rainbow Bacta Bomb

Occasionally, a rainbow bacta cloud will flash after a player drops a bacta bomb. Based on various pieces of evidence, including Narwhal Dave’s video above, it appears like the rainbow cloud may be activated when a cloud explodes at the same time as a normal explosion.

Definitely an odd one for sure. Still, it adds a flash of color to Battlefront!

1. Flying R2-D2

I featured this glitch before. I figured it deserved the top spot, especially considering its rarity and uniqueness. It’s also quite funny to see the astromech zooming across the screen.

Unlike the Death Star-spawning glitch, this doesn’t seem to be caused by the user. I can only fathom that it relates in some way to Luke’s Red Five X-Wing, which is being flown by the player. However, even that doesn’t make too much sense.

And that’s all I have for this list! Feel free to let me know if there’s a list of something you’d like featured.

What are your favorite glitches in Battlefront? Did I miss any? Misrank something? Let me know down in the comments, or give SWGO a shout on Twitter or Facebook.


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