Here’s an awesome map of Battlefront’s Death Star interior


Redditor u/Explosive_Ewok recently showed off their work diagramming the interior maps of Battlefront’s Death Star.

Posted earlier today, the map lays out all three playable sectors:

Death Star top-down view.

For the full-resolution version, here’s the direct Imgur link.

Probably the biggest revelation for me is the fact that all three maps connect to different parts of the same hangar. I hadn’t quite put that together myself!

These actually aren’t the only maps to exist the same “world”. In this video, YouTuber Narwhal Dave shows how some of the Hoth maps and Tatooine maps connect together.

Explosive_Ewok previously drew up Bespin’s Carbon Freezing Chamber, which was quite impressive as well.

This specific map comes a day after a different used uploaded all the original vanilla maps.

Pretty cool stuff! Hopefully, we’ll soon be able to play on these maps outside of Blast and the second phase of Battle Station.


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